Have you ever wondered why it is so challenging to follow through on your green intentions, such as flying less? Or why some people continue eating meat despite finding it morally troublesome?

Hi, my name is Doro and welcome to my blog. As a social and environmental psychologist, I am fascinated by how the behavioral sciences can help us understand eco-friendly behavior. On this blog, I am sharing insights from psychology, behavioral economics and related fields to explain environmental behavior. Additionally, I explore strategies that can help to encourage people to act more sustainably.

My blog features both short and easy-to-digest posts as well as some more “sciency” articles to dive deeper into a certain topic. But don’t worry – everything is easy to understand! Below each post, I have included links to key scientific resources on the topic of the respective blog post. You will also find links throughout the text that will lead to additional scientific resources on sub-topics that are more specific.

Is there is a certain topic you would like to learn about? I would be happy to hear from you!

Note: Cover photo on the homepage is by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash