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climate change needs behavior change

Have you ever wondered how we can create better habits for ourselves and the planet? On this blog, I am sharing insights from psychology, behavioral economics and related fields to explain environmental behavior. Additionally, you can find information on strategies to encourage people to act more sustainably.


climate change protest

Behavior vs. system change

Are behavior change and system change really two sides of the coin? Find out why behavior and system change are actually interconnected.

Dog and pig

The meat paradox

Why do we love some animals but eat others? Read about the strategies that meat eaters employ to avoid feeling bad about eating meat.


Let's talk trash

Why do some people mindlessly dispose of their trash on the streets or in nature? Here’s how social norms can help to explain littering behavior.

Science protest

Why do people doubt science?

Learn about the science of why some people don’t believe in schience and understand how misinformation spreads. 

Man with canvas bag

Is eco-friendly unmanly?

Compared to women, men  litter more, recycle less and have a larger carbon footprint. Is climate change literally a man-made disaster?

Plastic waste beach

The psychology of waste exports

Out of sight, out of mind? Here’s how plastic waste exports are related to our  plastic consumption.

about me

Hi, my name is Doro and I am social
and environmental psychologist.

I am passionate about understanding what influences our environmental behavior and how we can use behavioral science to help us act more sustainably.

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